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Welcome to ADM Glass – The Home of Single Glazed Partitions

Welcome to the world of ADM Glass, where style and strength go hand in hand. We are excited to introduce our line of single glazed partitions – each piece carefully designed to give your spaces a sleek, modern look without sacrificing durability.

Our single glazed partitions are more than just glass dividers. They are a clear display of our commitment to quality and detail. Made from strong, high-grade glass, these partitions are built to last. They’re sturdy but subtle, providing a clear separation of space without getting in the way of your style.

glass partitioning uk

Space Transformation with Single-Glazed Partitions

Whether reimagining an office layout, establishing a conducive home workspace, or sprucing up a retail environment, our partition walls offer the ideal solution. They facilitate a sense of openness while defining areas, enhancing visual engagement and making your spaces appear more expansive and inviting.

Let’s debunk the misconception that glass partitions cannot offer sound insulation. Our single glazed partitions are designed with acoustics in mind, significantly reducing noise disruptions and creating peaceful environments, particularly essential in offices where focus and privacy are vital.

Our single-glazed partitions are as straightforward to install as they maintain. Recognising the importance of your time, our seasoned professionals ensure a smooth installation process. And once installed, these partitions require only basic routine cleaning to maintain their appearance.

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curved partitions

Your Vision, Our Expertise

At ADM Glass, we appreciate the individuality of each space. This is why we offer a wealth of customisation options. Opt for a range of finishes, add personalised graphics or embed your company logo – create a space that truly echoes your brand and vision.

Choosing our single glazed partitions means choosing to care for our planet. As a fully recyclable material, glass is an eco-friendly option. With ADM Glass, you’re making a green choice without forgoing quality and aesthetic appeal.

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Let’s Shape Your Spaces Together


Are you ready to redefine your space with our high-quality single glazed partitions? The ADM Glass team is on hand to assist you in creating your perfect environment. Contact us today, and let’s embark on this transformation journey together.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us today.  With ADM Glass and our single glazed partitions, let’s create spaces that inspire, connect, and perform brilliantly.

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