Fire Rated Glass Partition

Safety and Style in One Package

Interior design often struggles with pairing safety and style, and fire-rated glass partitions skillfully meet this challenge. These partitions do more than just look good; they’re a key element of modern safety measures, especially in commercial settings.

Fire rated glass partitions cleverly solve the problem of dividing spaces while sticking to tough fire safety rules. They bring both see-through clarity and the ability to let light in, all while ensuring the safety of people if a fire breaks out. These partitions are carefully made to withstand fire and stop the spread of smoke, flames, and heat, giving crucial extra time for people to leave the building and significantly reducing damage to property.

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Why Choose ADM Glass?

✔ Expertise: With our years of experience in the glass partition industry, your project is always in good hands.

✔ Full Service: From a free site assessment without any obligation to effective installation and thorough aftercare, we’re with you every step of the way.

✔ Customised Solutions: We provide a range of products to suit your needs, including slim, frameless glass, noise-reducing partitions, and more.

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ADM Glass - Office Partitioning
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Bring a unique touch to your space, knowing your safety is our top concern. Experience the ideal mix of design, safety, and seamless service with ADM Glass. Our skilled team is ready to help you make your ideas a reality, offering custom solutions that combine good looks and practicality with our fire rated glass partitions. Why settle for just safety or style when you can have both? Get in touch with ADM Glass today, and let’s start creating a safer, brighter, and more stylish space.

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Why Fire-Rated Glass Partitions Matter

Fire-rated glass partitions play a vital role in boosting safety and reducing the dangers associated with fire. They offer several benefits:


We build fire-rated glass partitions to stand up to intense heat and flames. They create a barrier that slows the spread of fire, giving people more time to get out and lowering the chance of injury or loss of life.


Unlike traditional solid fire barriers, fire-rated glass partitions allow natural light to fill the room, creating an open and welcoming environment. They also ensure clear views, improving the visual appeal of the space.

Flexibility in Design

Fire-rated glass partitions come in various styles, sizes, and layouts, allowing you to adjust them to fit the specific needs of the space. Whether you’re after a clean modern look or prefer a more classic style, there’s a fire-rated glass partition to suit every preference.

Sound Insulation

Beyond their ability to resist fire, fire-rated glass partitions also provide excellent sound insulation. They lower noise levels between different areas, creating a quieter and more productive environment.

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