At ADM Glass we offer a range of glass partitioning that is as varied as your imagination. From simple and stylish single-glazed partitions to sky's-the-limit, state-of-the-art options for the 21st century workspace, let ADM Glass bring your vision to life.

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Single-glazed partitions

Cost-effective, customizable and fully flexible, single-glazed partitions can be used to bring a stylish and contemporary look to suit any workspace and budget. Choose ultra-thin frames for maximum light or a standard 50mm frame for a modern feel.

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Double-glazed partitions

For superior looks and a higher-level acoustic performance, double-glazed partition systems offer an exceptional option for even the most demanding workspace.

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Flawless Transom glazing

Escape the confines of the corporate look with an ultra-modern “industrial-look” approach will really set your workspace apart from the rest. Available with single- or double-glazed glass, T-Bar partitions also have the option of superior acoustic performance and can be custom-made to your precise requirements.

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Fire-rated partitions

For enhanced fire performance and outstanding protection, we offer a range of stunning partition options for commercial, public and retail premises. A full choice of frame widths and glazing options is available.

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Acoustic partitions

To ensure complete privacy, our acoustic partitions have been meticulously researched and developed to the very highest standards.

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Movable partitions

The ultimate in flexibility. From sub-divided spaces to endlessly versatile workspaces, we offer the full range of partitions that can silently and effortlessly create exactly the space you require. Available in a range of frame finishes. Movable partitions provide precisely the workspace you need now as well as the flexibility to adapt long into the future.

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Curved partitions

To achieve the sleek and stunning workspace of your dreams, be it a private office or a meeting room, curved partitions can be made precisely to your requirements for a soft, ergonomic and show-stopping solution to your boundary requirements.

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Switchable privacy partitions

Our specialist privacy glass can turn from crystal clear to opaque at the touch of a button, or even via an app on your smartphone allowing you to be in full control of your environment. Need a light, airy space one moment and silent seclusion the next? Privacy partitions offer the ultimate in flexible partition solutions for the truly sleek, stylish and state-of-the-art office.

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ADM Glass provides an individual service offering the full range of logo design, decorative manifestations and all your graphic requirements. ADM Glass can create a workspace that is as unique as your business.

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Durable and stylish, our balustrades compliments any balcony, garden, patio or pool decking project. With this stainless steel system you can enjoy the perks of a beautiful view with yet a stlyish and modern feel.

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Another great choice for the office is venetian blinds, as they have a lot more flexibility in customising them to suit your preferred look. Venetian blinds are usually available in PVC, wood or aluminium, so it’s easy to find a style to suit most rooms. Venetian blinds have increased in popularity over recent years, due to their more modern looking design and wider choice of options. For a more luxurious, elegant design wooden venetian blinds would be the perfect choice to complete the look.

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Mirrors can enhance the look of any restaurant, hotel, bar, café or nightclub or office environment. These mirrors are elegant and stylish but also very durable and hard wearing. We also supply elegant and stylish mirrors for hair salons, barbers, beauty salons, skin care clinics. If required we also produce mirrors for the education sector, whether it is for a reception or shared communal area and also laboratories, canteens, dance studios and gyms.

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Painted splashbacks are without doubt the most common, the fact you can have any colour whatsoever from literally any colour range makes the painted glass splashback the perfect choice to match it with any kitchen, bathroom or shower enclosure, or alternatively you can make a really bold statement to bring a neutral kitchen to life.

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