Elevate Your Office Space with Stylish Glass Partitions

Acoustic Glass Partition

At ADM Glass, we understand the importance of a well-designed office environment that enhances productivity and contributes to a positive workplace.

Our high-quality glass partitions are designed to transform your office into a modern, open and collaborative workspace – effortlessly blending functionality, aesthetics and durability to meet the unique needs of your business.

Switchable Glass Partition
Single Glazed Glass Partitioning
Double Glazed Glass Partitioning
Curved Glass Partition

The Benefits of Glass Partitions

Enhance Natural Light

Glass partitions maximise the flow of natural light throughout your office.


ADM Glass offers a wide range of options, including curved partitions, manifestations and more.


Glass partitions are perfect for many applications, from workstations to meeting and conference rooms.

Acoustic Control

ADM Glass offers acoustic partitions to minimise distractions and increase privacy.

Ready to transform your office space?

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